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The Muse is a friendly, cheeky, refreshing rooftop bar in Florida. We developed a brand and verbal language *with a bite*, that celebrates The Muse, twice inspired. This duality allows us to play with The Muse by day and The Muse by night. Distinct experiences grounded in quality food and drink.

The Muse by Day is casual and child-friendly. The Muse by Night is celebratory and youthful.

Present, playful and unpretentious.

The Muse engages with a vivid colour palette, true-to-life imagery, quirky graphics and light-hearted copy. Approachable and friendly, this is a hotel rooftop bar for everyone! From families to blind dates to bachelorettes.

*What happens at The Muse may go on social media*

Social is part of our language. The Muse uses conventions of social media in the identity, poking fun at hashtags and emojis.

Natural and playful is how we speak in content, captions, descriptors and comments. Social is a place to interact, engage and speak like a real human. Keeping it open, cheeky and welcoming.

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