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TANG is the consideration of all things. A pinnacle of Asian cuisine located in the heart of Santon, the iconic Nelson Mandela Square.

Sophistication is born of a considered attention to the entire experience. All five senses given their escape from the typical.

Dynastic dining.
An inspired escape.


An ancient symbol of good luck in Chinese culture, these coins are often found clustered together on strings and are believed to enhance chi (energy) and increase prosperity when placed in auspicious locations.

The Feng Shui Coin is the key to the logo, representing 4 key elements of the TANG Brand; Energy, Wealth, Happiness and Taste.

TANG Asian.

Dynastic dining. The pinnacle of sophisticated Asian cuisine.

TANG evolved.

Rendered from excellence.

TANG destination.

Arrive to escape. Arrive to experience.

TANG dynasty.

The pinnacle of sophistication and ours to create.

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