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The Tang dynasty marked a cultural and intellectual peak in China’s rich and illustrious history. Situated in Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg, TANG embodies that excellence in culture and cuisine.

Along with experienced restaurateur Nicky van der Walt, Redbeerd took on the challenge of creating a visual and verbal identity that creates a scene rich in elegance, luxury and taste for all visitors.

The coin is not luck itself, but rather the recognition of possibility, and the encouragement of its presence in our lives. Intently placed inside TANG’s walls a single, hallowed coin sits, energising all things fortunate, and spreading good luck to all who would welcome it.

Key to TANG’s logo design is the Feng Shui Coin, representing four key elements of the brand – Energy, Wealth, Happiness, and Taste.

A luxurious and sensory dining experience.

Practiced appreciation for creativity and expression, celebrating one thing above all – taste.

Inspired by contemporary Japanese izakayas and the classic Cantonese eateries of Hong Kong.

Here we celebrate luxury and taste, appreciating life and living it to its fullest. Indulge your senses in this inspired escape, and pinnacle of Asian cuisine.

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