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We are voyagers, meaning-makers, pilgrims of paradise, birds of passage passing through life (and Dubai, a city of crossroads). Redbeerd developed a brand inspired by reconnection, embracing oneself, awakening, new beginnings and food of course.

Welcome to Bohème Beach.

A deep breath in the heart of Dubai. A retreat on the Jumeirah coastline of the Palm. Alternative to the rush and the asphalt, it is lush.

A meeting ground for those who wish to land. Soundly.

It is the embrace of the self and other, in rituals of reconnection. Music, musings, makings, movement. Food, in the form of nurture.

A clear space for body and mind. Alight upon our shores. Breathe.

Put down your baggage. We’ll hold it for you, so you can rest. Be here.


Representing fauna.
An avian symbol of freedom, flexibility, hope and lightness.


A powerful metaphor for expansion, renewal, psychological growth and transformation. The nautilus lives in a shell that divides into ever-larger chambers, as it outgrows its current state.

Spiralled, mirroring the golden ratio, the nautilus suggests that it may grow forever.


An energetic symbol of illumination, renewal and change – summer.


A botanical, representing flora and thriving growth. The tribulus omanense is the national flower of United Arab Emirates.

Beautiful handcrafted illustrations depicting the earths elements.

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