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SĀN Beach is a culinary experience, beach destination and soul retreat. A deep breath in the city of crossroads, Dubai.

Working with our friends at FFI, Redbeerd elaborated a rich visual and verbal identity for this art-focused, community-driven space and place.

SĀN Beach recalls the deep-rooted wisdom of the first people, the San.

The San believed in an invisible energy, accessed through ritual. This vibrational potency (!gi:) was alive. It was used for healing of illness as well as divisions within society. It was always a force for good.

SĀN Beach co-creates an experience of similar energy. Well-intentioned, tender and vibrant. The energy is visualised throughout the interior and identity, with wave-like forms, illustrations that resemble stylised cave paintings and language that speaks to a shared history and a present collective.

See you at SĀN.

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