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Fumana is a jewellers’ collective, showcasing contemporary African jewellery. An initiative built to search out and support the hidden talent of South African jewellers, powered by MetCon and the SADPMR.

Redbeerd came in from conception, naming the brand through focus group feedback, creating the visual identity, developing the website and art directing the jeweller/y photography.

The philosophy: Do good. Look great.

This is an exciting project. We search out the hottest South African jewellers, with superior craftsmanship and a great eye, who need support to grow their small businesses. Partners enable conflict-free, responsibly sourced metals. We grow the South African jewellery and arts industry.

The logomark is simple and striking, borrowing a guiding light (star) as symbol of aspiration and hope for a more sustainable future.

Fumana is derived from the Xhosa word fumanisa, meaning to find or discover.

Working with jewellers, the creators and market, Fumana was chosen to represent this progressive and hopeful brand. The tagline tells the story of discovery and intimacy of jewellery — Find your piece. — and the verbal language is fresh, playful and elegant.

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