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VS. loves a good game. Founded on the thrill of discovery and the opportunity to create something new in the field of sports analytics, VS. (then unnamed) approached Redbeerd to develop a brand, from strategy to execution, that would differentiate them in the industry.


“There is a place in sports that all players live for. 

It’s the hat-trick, the home run, the winning catch, the perfect match. It’s that rare chance, that runaway pass, that slam dunk, that indescribable luck.

After a game of catch at the local Redbeerd office, we started our VS. journey. Strategy began with comprehensive research into the sports analytics field; its big players, processes, solutions and trends, including crowd sourcing, off field data and wearables. Strategy determined the brand’s why (they’re in it for the game!), their advantages — keen knowledge, performance and service — and informed the creative execution of a courageous and energising brand.

The Frontier: The extreme limit of achievement.

The brand tone revealed itself to be brave, positive and at-the-ready. Fit and strong, in it for the tantalising need to go further and be better. Brand language is keen, clean and optimistic. The naming of the brand is inspired by competition and the almighty opposition! Sport wouldn’t exist without VS.

Excellence through accuracy.

Visual language needed to represent the competitive aspiration and data-driven detail of sports analytics. Strong, contrast-heavy imagery and saturated colours execute boldly. Youthful and unapologetic sans-serif typography speaks up. Line creates field illustrations and iconography. The circular element of a sports ball demonstrates data in the form of diagrams.

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