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Next is a business of business enthusiasts. They work with powerful technology to invigorate potential and reassert business’ positive interaction on people and the environment. Next approached Redbeerd to refresh their brand so as to inform their new website and effectively communicate with their customers.

Good strategy is both definitive and agile. To hit the market we need to know the target. To innovate we need to be informed, at-the-ready and cooperative.

To communicate within the B2B sector is not easy. Companies often speak past their customers with industry standard jargon that can be confusing and dull. To script Next’s website we needed to position them as they were; extremely knowledgable, interested and accessible. A focussed team of people who were ready to work with other people. Five values underpinned their tone of voice and communication: Curious, Responsive, Assertive, Genuine and Personable.

Alongside a visual language that communicates these same values, their brand voice allows them to carve out a unique space within the market and attract business and customers they want. The tagline developed came as a direct result of Next’s most driven ambition: Your business, better.

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