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Kgori Capital is a Botswana-focused investment manager, providing client-driven local and international investment solutions. Kgori Capital are fiercely proud of their country, their management- and staff-owned company and their socio-economic responsibility. Their nationalism and expertise are promoted with their refreshed brand and their tagline ‘Invest with Pride’.

The logomark is a representation of the Kori Bustard, Botswana’s national bird.

The Kori Bustard is grounded and stable, spending 70% of their time on their feet. However, they are alert birds, forever moving, learning and growing. The Kori Bustard looks confidently to the future, cresting a summit; an apt symbol for the trustworthy and future-forward Kgori Capital.

Internationally informed.
Locally invested.

Redbeerd worked with Kgori Capital to create web content that spoke clearly and honestly. Simplicity was favoured over jargon and the tone was kept simple and respectful. Visuals reflect the Botswana land and the Kgori client base.

Invest with Pride.

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