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The Country Club Johannesburg is a treat of an establishment. Its offering includes nine restaurants, family-friendly activities, unrivalled sporting facilities, live events and even a boutique hotel. Established in 1906, it has a delicate mingle of tradition and innovation. Ultimately, it is a welcoming space for families and friends. Redbeerd was pleased to refresh CCJ’s logo and visual language as a way to bid hello to future members.

Welcome to the club.

Delicate patterning, a limited colour palette, sport-inspired graphics and gentle copy make up the distinct brand language.

Inspired by the C shape of the logo, a CCJ mascot is created with casual brushstrokes. The mascot is seen sporting, socialising, dining and birdwatching.

A simple, accessible website reintroduces CCJ, offering relevant information about facilities and upcoming events, and facilitating member access.

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